MALDT Students are Making Positive Change in Classrooms

MALDT graduate students are changing their practice and perspective after completing coursework through the program. See some stand-out student work below:

Name: Sarah Greaves
Occupation: 7th Grade Social Studies Teacher at Mt. Pleasant Middle School (4 years)
Future plans: I would like to move into a curriculum coach/leadership position in my district or one of the surrounding districts.
Personal growth: My perception of technology has shifted from a tool that makes my life easier to a complex process that really identifies “best fit” tech for teachers and students alike.
Project Presentation: LINK


Name: Jada Rachal
Occupation: I am and have been a 7th grade middle school math teacher in the Plymouth-Canton Community School district for the last 3 years.
Future plans: My future plans and aspirations include using my knowledge of tech and tech tools to better improve my delivery and goals for my students progress. I want for my students to see that technology can be implemented across domains and the importance of being able to shift practices depending on what topics are being covered.
Personal growth: My perspective has changed drastically. Initially I found it difficult to incorporate technology in a way that was less reliant on rote knowledge; however, being immersed into such a strategically planned program has allowed me insightful ways to incorporate different frameworks, strategies, and other technological components. I have grown not only has a student within the program, but as a teacher.
Project Presentation: LINK

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