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Webinar: From Drab to Fab – Rethinking the Use of Video in Today’s Classrooms

Gone are the days of rolling out the CRT television while students smile with delight.

Today, classrooms are saturated with devices that allow for more than just consumption of video content. Join us as we explore two popular video tools (Flipgrid and EdPuzzle) that promote student engagement and creation.

With the constantly increasing access to devices and the internet in today’s classrooms, the use of video as an instructional tool has also grown in popularity. However, having students view a YouTube clip on an iPad is not significantly different than having an entire class watch a video via the overhead projector. Participants will explore the pervasive use of video in today’s classrooms through the lens of Liz Kolb’s Triple E Framework. In doing so, this session will address two ISTE Standards for students (Empowered Learner, Global Communicator) and one for teachers (Designer) by focusing on three key areas of video-based learning: students as video producers rather than consumers; students interacting with the video rather than passively watching; and, students collaborating with others through and with video tools.

Webinar Presenters

Tiffany Sutter

Tiffany Sutter has been a secondary classroom teacher since 2007 when she graduated from Madonna University with a Bachelor’s in Spanish and English. In 2012, she followed her love of computers back to Madonna where she earned her Master’s in Educational Technology. She is currently enrolled at Central Michigan University where she pursues her Doctorate of Educational Technology. Tiffany has a passion for using technology effectively in the classroom to maximize student engagement, use time efficiently, and gauge comprehension of concepts. She enjoys reading for pleasure and crazily dancing around the living room with her daughter.

Ashley Gabel

Ashley Gabel is a Doctoral student at Central Michigan University studying Educational Technology. Her research focuses are in creativity and gamification in learning. Ashley has an extensive background in fashion and retail and has participated in many facets of the fashion industry. She received her MS in Textile Science with a Concentration in Statistics from North Carolina State University in 2015, a BS in Apparel Development from Bowling Green State University in 2013, and an AAS in Textiles and Marketing from the Fashion Institute of Technology in 2012. In her spare time, Ashley enjoys reading Psychology books and knitting sweaters for herself, her friends, and her family.

Megan Tolin

Megan Tolin is the Director of Technology, Innovation & Pedagogy for the School of Education at IUPUI. She is passionate about high-quality blended and online learning and enjoys helping educators leverage the power of technology in order to create relevant learning experiences for all students. Prior to her time in higher education, she worked as a K12 technology integration specialist and science teacher. Megan is a Certified Educational Technology Leader (CETL), and a Level 2 Google Certified Educator. She loves podcasts, coffee, and singing as loud as she possibly can while driving down the highway.

Image created by Megan Tolin

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