Professional Development and Teacher Education during the Pandemic Shift

Just in Time (Technology) Teaching

Success Stories from Professional Development and Teacher Education during the Pandemic Shift

Dr. Jennifer Parker Dr. Troy Hicks Dr.Kate Grunow

During the pandemic when most educational institutes were moving online, teachers were struggling with lack of experience in online teaching and ed tech tools. This workshop was designed to provide professional learning experience for pandemic teaching and learning. During this workshop, presenters provided unique PK20 professional learning experiences  and a unique 15-month master’s program recognized by the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE). This professional development was helpful for educators to stay updated with learning modalities and unique needs of students.

During Pandemic, when virtual teaching was the best option, there were several challenges for teachers and students including delivering pedagogy, class discussion, and assignments in different formats. School districts had challenges- about deciding and implementing remote learning plans, how to support tech needs and provide tech support for school staff and students, and how to design and plan online learning. Michigan school data was analyzed for what mode of instruction compared with different parameters such as percentage of students, grade and setting and additional support etc. During the beginning of the pandemic teachers were using technology to build online classrooms by posting course material but later the role of tech integration was increased to build engaging activities and include all students participation.

Using the SAMR model, how to integrate technology in the course plan was explained. Technology Integration Model (TIM) model was used to discuss the technology integration levels for meaningful learning. To analyze the needs, benefits and limitations of several technology integration models in teacher perception PICRAT model was introduced. With the help of Triple E, how to engage students with technology to enhance their learning and extend it beyond class was explained. ISTE standards for different stakeholders was the next part in this training.

The second part of this workshop discussed the MA program in ed tech. In this course work most assignments were designed based on ISTE standards. For some courses the curriculum was realigned around the exploration of ISTE standards. 

For teachers professional development and learning in ed tech 21 things for educators were explained for educators with technology integration as the main focus. It was very interesting to read all these points and integrate in the teaching style.

This was a great workshop which guided educators to understand how to use ISTE and content area standards with their pedagogy and embrace different tech models such as SAMR, PICRAT, TIMs, TPACK, Triple E to engage students in online learning.

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