CMU MALDT Students Benefit from MALDT & ISTE Certification Partnership

CMU MALDT Students Benefit from MALDT & ISTE Certification Partnership

As one of the few higher education institutions with an ISTE recognized program, the MALDT degree program is designed to expand students’ thinking and research regarding educational technology and instructional design. At the time of this posting, CMU offers the only program that is 100% aligned with the ISTE Standards for Educators. This alignment sets graduates up for successful technology integration and advocacy within their work environments. MALDT students are supported by faculty throughout the program to reinforce learned concepts and encourage practical application of ideas as well as success as an online student.


The mentoring event for September 2020 was a program-wide offering featuring information from several faculty about the benefits of ISTE certification offered near graduation. ISTE Certified Educators stand out from others as leaders in the ed-tech world as they have demonstrated competence in pedagogy utilizing technology rather than specific technology tools. Presenters at the mentoring webinar included Dr. Ray Francis, Dr. Troy Hicks, and Dr. Jennifer Parker who offered students perspectives about the certification.


In completing regular coursework throughout the program, MALDT students are prepared to complete a portfolio to be submitted to ISTE as verification of how their knowledge aligns with the standards. In addition to receiving the services offered to certification candidates by ISTE, MALDT students work with faculty who understand the portfolio process. They are offered guidance for turning their assignments into portfolio artifacts through proprietary documents created to help ease the process.

If you would like additional information about the MALDT program, ISTE certification, or the ways in which CMU can help you increase your knowledge about educational technology, please contact Dr. Ray Francis.

— by Tiffany Sutter

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