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While moving online, schools should study and find the best fit online environment ( Learning management system) for their students. As a parent and as a school district staff, I think involving Web technologies in the teaching in K-12 settings can improve students’ learning. Some examples of educational technology tools supported by Web 2.0 and interactive Web 3.0 are Khan academy, Clever, Lexia core 5, Everyday Math, Seesaw, Kami, Youtube links, Flip grid, Padlet and many more. These tools allow students to focus and move with their own speed and help in personalized learning.  The reason I choose this LMS is because it allows integrating several Web 3.0 educational technology tools that are helpful in designing lesson plans for learning. The examples are math games, ed tech puzzles, big blue buttons with presentation, sharing and more options. Thus, this LMS allows educators to create several different educational plans based on personalized, individualized or general instructions, all in the same platform. 

Schoology is a good example of a combination of Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 educational tools. With Web 3.0 technology, Schoology can be accessed on several devices including the phone. This gives flexibility and control over learning.  While working virtually from home educators and students can use computers to access their class assignments, grades, watch class videos, take quizzes and use the calendars to stay organized, all these features can be used on their mobile devices too which makes it easier to check it when needed. As Schoology supports both Web 2.0 and Web 3.0, In a class, if one student may be more comfortable working with the interactive video instructions ( Web 3.0) for their Math class while another student may be more comfortable to read and work with the step by step instructions on the internet ( Web 2.0). In schoology instructors can add both options and accommodate needs for both students giving students more flexibility. This may give students more choices and comfort feelings.

Schoology also gives more power to students while submitting any assignments. Students can have more options to choose the content, product and process. For the assignments, schoology allows each student to personalize there assignment submission in various ways. Students can create online links such as google documents and attach it, this gives them an option to change or continue working while teachers can add comments on it. Some students may not be comfortable to write based on their study plan, and schoology allows them text to speech conversion options. Some students like to type directly in the submission box. Thus based on personalized plans students can choose various options that are made possible by Web 3.0 and feel engaged and empowered.

This feeling of learning together can make students feel more comfortable and easier to exchange thoughts and ask questions. Schoology is a powerful tool that moves beyond the limitations of typical LMSs, and invites students to contribute in a more diverse way towards their education with the ease of adding several Web 3.0 tools.


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