Empowering Students through Digital Citizenship

Empowering Students through Digital Citizenship

Bridget Bailey, Spanish Teacher


   In this project author Mary Bridget Bailey discussed the importance of digital citizenship. As everyone is surrounded by technology not only within the classroom but  also for the outside world digital citizenship is a necessary skill for the 21st century. And for that reason, teachers should educate students with digital citizenship rules. Author Mary said that the school where she is working as a Spanish teacher has one-to-one computing and the school has a comprehensive digital citizenship program. Mary explained that although it is expected that students understand the technology rules and the responsibility that comes with it;  in reality that is not always the case. This capstone project was developed to empower every student and motivate them with digital citizenship. 

  Author created a newsletter to assist her colleagues to teach digital citizenship to their students as an empowered learning experience. According to the author this newsletter was created as a resource that teachers could use with minimal advance planning. So, the expectation was to create these newsletters and send it to all students so that teachers do not have to use there prep time for this same reason. 

  This newsletter cultivated the use of digital tools and resources for deep learning.. She included various tools to help conduct formative assessments while students work their way through this newsletter, which would help them to become better contributors and understand digital community rules. As students learn from their teachers as a role model, she decided to provide good examples of positive digital citizenship behavior. She helped students understand how to craft emails,  explained the standards they should be considering while using technology.

  Author claimed that this newsletter gives students a new and creative way to demonstrate the competency and reflect their learning with technology as it is a more interactive and innovative way to demonstrate.

  This digital newsletter covered various features such as local information such as positive examples of digital citizenship at their school, Learning opportunities by including student-centered learning choices, designing  it with UDL principles, Making it more user friendly.

CMICH email to contact: baile1mb@cmich.edu 

Secondary email: bridgetbailey56@gmail.com 


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