Where Are They Now? — Zuleiha Rachid

Today we’re checking in with one of our former library student workers. Zuleiha Rachid helped students at the Research Help Desk from 2016-18 before graduating from CMU with a degree in Athletic Training in 2019. One of the things you realize when you talk with our students is many of them have interesting life experiences to share.

Zuleiha was born and raised in Kigali, Rwanda, and when she was 12 years old her family relocated to Lansing, Michigan. The transition was not necessarily difficult for her because she was still young, though learning English was required. But she picked it up pretty quickly. She and her family speak four or five languages fluently, and English was not too difficult for them to learn. Living in a place with such cold weather, however, was a real adjustment, but she has grown used to it.

Zuleiha chose to attend CMU for a number of reasons. The fact it is only a short drive from her home in Lansing was important to her because she is very close to her mother and younger sister. Though Michigan State is even closer she felt such a large university would be an overwhelming experience for her. She decided a smaller school like CMU would be a better fit. She also chose CMU because of the good reputation of our undergraduate Athletic Training program. She is pursuing a career in athletic training because it combines all the things she wants in her forever job: Sports, medicine (musculoskeletal to be exact), and helping people. It also appeals to her because it is a very active and exciting career, which offers something beyond the usual 9-5 in an office.

Zuleiha really enjoyed the two years she spent working in the library. It was perfect fit for her because it is a calm environment yet still allowed her to interact with a variety of people. Her responsibilities at the Research Help Desk included helping fellow students find the information they needed for their assignments. It was a job that matched nicely with her love of helping others. The position also helped her become a better and more efficient scientific writer, which has proven helpful as she pursues her graduate degree.

After graduating from CMU, Zuleiha enrolled at the University of Toledo where she is finishing a Masters degree in Exercise Science with a concentration in Athletic Training. As part of her graduate assistantship she is working as an athletic trainer at Central Catholic High School in Toledo, an experience she is absolutely loving. Her family recently moved from Michigan to Fort Worth, Texas, and Zuleiha will join them there after she graduates from UT this spring.

When she is not busy pursuing her studies, Zuleiha loves watching soccer, specifically her favorite squad, Arsenal F.C. Though Arsenal is not currently the powerhouse it has been in the past she feels they are on the rise and will be back on top soon enough. She enjoys hiking and baking as well.

Best of luck to Zuleiha as she finishes her studies and pursues her career!

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  1. It was always a pleasure talking to you and working with you at the Reference Desk, Zuleiha! Congratulations to you on your continuing life journey!

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