CMU Libraries Employees Virtual Art Exhibition

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Please sign the guestbook and offer your thoughts.

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9 entries.
Nancy G Durfee
Wow this is so cool to look thru and see everyone creation.. Very nice job to everyone.
Judith O'Dell
It is interesting to see the varied projects that people work on.
Denise Pahl
What amazing creations! Thank you all for sharing and to Janet & Eric for the ensemble!
Kathy Irwin
Many thanks to Janet Danek for suggesting and curating this exhibit and Eric Bellmore for working his web magic to post the exhibit online. Kudos to the library employees who shared their artistic and creative endeavors! Your talents shine and uplift us.
Julie Wyman
Loved seeing everyone’s work The presentation was great ! I especially liked the pottery done by Anita Gordon. Reading the information /storie was also very enjoying.
Connie Buswell
I really enjoyed seeing all the creativity. The presentation is wonderful. Thank you for sharing your beautiful works of art.
Laura Thompson
What a lovely display of everyone's talents!
Bryan Whitledge
Thank you all for sharing a little bit of your creativity - it is great to see all of the little (and big) things that bring us joy and happiness in the world.
Rebecca Renirie
Thank you for sharing! This is a wonderful gallery, I enjoyed everyone's work. I'm now inspired to find my old photography work and get some fairy garden kits.