Red-Crowned Crane – Sarurun Kamuy (God of the Marshes) 

“The bird of happiness” and a symbol of immortality for centuries. 

Considered the sacred crane of the orient, this bird is a symbol of fidelity, good luck, and love. Categorized as endangered, they are the second rarest crane in the world, behind the whooping crane.

Well-known for their elaborate and elegant courtship dances, red-crowned cranes usually pair for life. During their synchronized dance, which is believed to reinforce their bond, the male calls first and last, and the female gives a brief double call.

This sacred bird is featured in many artforms, written and visual.  Legend suggests with the folding of 1,000 origami cranes, the crane will grant a wish. A personal favorite is the rich embroidery of cranes which typically adorn a traditional Japanese wedding kimono.

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Red Crowned Crane 



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