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Mary Dow Reading Room Remodel Expands Individual Study Options

Next time you need a quiet place to focus, check out the newly remodeled Mary Dow Reading Room.

A popular destination with spectacular views of the Fabiano Botanical Garden, the Mary Dow Reading Room is a quiet study space that historically housed the library’s newest issues of journals and newspapers. Many of those resources are now available online or have been moved to other areas of the building.

During the summer, we removed most of the shelving to create a new individual study space. In addition to stripping the wallpaper and replacing the carpet, we installed 22 study pods that encourage quiet focus. The pods surround the user reducing visual distractions and noise and the work surface includes outlets for charging mobile devices.

Along the wall between the north and south entrances, nine individual cubicles contain height adjustable tables and marker boards. These 3-sided spaces are about the same size as the individual study rooms located on the north end of the 3rd floor.

Funded by the Friends of the Libraries and library endowments, this cozy and comfortable study space will help students get work done and accomplish their academic goals. We hope our students enjoy using the new space!

MDRR Workstation Pods
Study cubicle in Mary Dow Reading Room
MDRR Workstations
Study pods in Mary Dow Reading Room






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