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As you walked through the Park Library’s main corridor, just cutting through or perhaps destined for business in the building, you may have glanced into one of the exhibit galleries.

Out the corner of your eye, maybe you saw an enormous Ernest Hemingway movie poster in the Clarke or a richly textured fiber art sculpture in the Baber Room. Or it may have been the celebration of Black History Month in the showcase or signage announcing a film festival in the auditorium. You didn’t stop, but you had a moment.  A moment when you were exposed to the works of a Nobel Prize-winning author, a genre of art that was new to you, the accomplishments of national leaders who are also CMU alumni, or the opportunity to view an obscure, acclaimed film.

These arts and cultural offerings, virtually woven throughout the building, are vital to the library experience. Collectively and consistently, they provoke creative thinking that enriches lives and feeds the soul.

Unable to experience the benefits of this creative environment while working remotely, we all experimented with ideas to maintain a connection to the arts. With the intent of offering a momentary diversion, sharing beautiful and interesting things, or perhaps just a joyful feeling, ArtMoment was born. These are brief offerings–emailed to anyone who wishes to receive them–requiring only a few minutes to enjoy.

These ArtMoments have been diverse in content. We have enjoyed Andrea Bocelli’s incredible performance from the steps of the Duomo di Milano, the ancient history of making and wearing a kimono, the delight of Curious Contraptions, and a virtual tour of the Sistine Chapel, to name a few. The Keukenhof Tulip Gardens in the Netherlands received the most approving responses. Links to all ArtMoments are available below.

Friends outside the library have requested to be included in the mailing, so we thought we would make it available to everyone. If you are interested in receiving emails sharing the latest ArtMoment, just subscribe to our newsletter. You may end the emails whenever you wish.

We hope you enjoy it.

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