Social Media Day 2019

CMU Libraries and Social Media

The CMU Libraries maintain multiple social media pages across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Our social media pages serve to help the libraries to share information and gather feedback about services, resources, events, exhibits, and other goings-on in the libraries. The primary audience for our social media pages is CMU students and faculty, but we do also strive to interact with the greater CMU and local communities.

The Libraries social media pages have proven to be a great asset for sharing information outside of our website. Social Media pages give the Libraries a direct line of communication to our student and community users that allows us to share information on exciting events taking place in the building, new services and resources available in the library, and important updates throughout the year. CMU Libraries’ social media pages have proven very useful in promoting the openings of new special collections exhibits in the Clarke Historical Library and the Clarke Speaker Series events, as well as art exhibit openings in the Park Library’s Baber Room.

We can elicit feedback directly from our users through our social media pages using several different methods. We can communicate directly with our campus and community users through messaging and commenting on the platforms as well as gathering more targeted feedback and user opinions through the use of polling.

Additionally, CMU Libraries’ use of Social Media extends beyond creating and sharing content. Our team of Social Media Managers has recently been working on maintaining and analyzing social media statistics from our pages to help us learn what is working, what isn’t, and most importantly what our users want to see. As we continue to utilize our platforms further and learn from our experiences, the Libraries will continue to create and share content that is highly relevant to our CMU and community users

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