Kaleidoscope Central Introduction by A.T. Miller, Chief Diversity Officer

In these tumultuous times of rapid social and institutional change, members of the Office of Diversity Education and the Office of Institutional Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion thought that it might be helpful to initiate a blog in order to provide updates and insights to interested community members. We are all working mutually for justice.

Our graduate assistant, Kriti Gopal, came up with the title Kaleidoscope Central, and we quickly realized that in the center of the word is the acronym e-i-d, for equity, inclusion, and diversity, which is why those letters are highlighted. The simple idea that a graduate student staff member from India was free to engage in the creation of a medium to help advance the way in which we communicate with various audiences is a reflection of CMU’s transforming atmosphere of inclusion.

Kaleidoscopes are instruments that constantly provide new perspectives as well as innovative and beautiful changes of pattern and color with every turn and viewing. The mirrors for reflection inside give interactive and comparative takes on the world, which are also some of the primary benefits of inclusion, diversity, and equity. We hope you will regularly “pick up” Kaleidoscope Central to take a fresh look and to share in our proactive and skill-based, purpose-driven approach to DEI.

Many of our initiatives have gone online in the current environment, with video materials available and interactive discussions hosted, as well as some live online events, that can then be recorded and made available for those unable to make it to the original event. We are also now able to include our online and off-campus constituencies as well. You can view these from the varied links on our website. Additional website information is noted below.

For our overall approach and current efforts, please check out https://www.cmich.edu/diversity/OID/Pages/institutional-transformation.aspx and for the general directory covering many facets there is https://www.cmich.edu/diversity/Pages/default.aspx
We also seek to provide transparency regarding data about CMU and its climate and varied communities found here https://www.cmich.edu/diversity/OID/Pages/Reports-and-Surveys.aspx

We appreciate your feedback and hope to “see” you online at Voices That Matter, Soup and Substance, Conversations That Matter, and special events.

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