An ode to sustainability

Welcome to our small corner on the internet!

During the summer, we created Central Sustainability for the Office for Institutional Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Although CS is still a fairly new platform, we’re excited to share it with you and have it grow into hopefully something more substantial.

CMU has a number of different organizations and groups dedicated to sustainability on campus, but with CS, we would like to expand and “centralize” sustainability efforts across the CMU community.

Sustainability is a very abstract concept, and it can mean a lot of different things, depending on who you ask. To us, sustainability, quite simply, means building a better world, starting within our own communities (or small corner on the internet). Although sustainability often implies environmental-consciousness, we recognize that sustainability must be diverse, inclusive and equitable.

It extends beyond recycling, turning off your lights, and taking quick showers. Sustainability is much more than that. It means supporting people, engaging in dialogue, expanding your worldview, participating in the arts, and pursuing creative, innovative solutions.

As students, we often get told that we’re naïve and idealistic, especially when we start talking about sustainability as the Holy Grail in regard to solving incredibly complex global issues. But that’s exactly why we’re here – because we truly believe that and hope to share our passion with you.

-Teresa and Eric

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