Launch day is here!

The new launches this evening

We’re excited to introduce the CMU community to the new this evening, Jan. 7, 2022. While we expect a smooth transition to the new website, we also know new technologies sometimes throw us curveballs — please bear with us this weekend as we work out all the kinks!

In the days following launch, our digital strategy team will continue to update content**, repair broken links and clean up pages; however, if you find any of the following functionality issues after Monday, Jan. 10, please contact the OIT Helpdesk:

  • Pages not loading properly
  • Search not working properly
  • Program finder issues
  • Error messages
  • Documents or images not loading correctly

**Please note: the new site was designed primarily for external audiences, and not all content from the old website was moved over to the new site. Students, faculty and staff can access information housed on the old site after 6 p.m. today by visiting

Remember: You can still access the tools and resources you use regularly, such as Blackboard and TimeClock, from the homepage by using the “SIGN IN” button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen to navigate to the My Account page.

In our next blog post, we’ll share troubleshooting tips for what to do if you find typos and other errors on your division or department pages!

Pausing external communications with links

Over the weekend, University Communications will pause our marketing and recruitment communications so we can ensure links are functioning and pages are loading appropriately. We will resume ads and communications on Monday, Jan. 10.

If your department or division has any communication going to external audiences that include links to our site, we recommend you pause them during this time frame as well. We also highly recommend double-checking planned communications to ensure they contain the correct URLs.

Fired Up for a new website

The new website will help us more effectively communicate with prospective students and their families. We are Fired Up to share the site with them, and hope you will be, too.

If you have questions about the new site, please visit the website FAQ web page or contact the OIT Helpdesk for assistance.