Where are they now? – Ashlee Atkinson Shearer 

Ashlee Atkinson Shearer started working as a Student Assistant in Library Systems back in 2013 and continued to work here until completing her B.S. in Psychology with a minor in Child Development and Nutrition. After earning a graduate degree in Professional Counseling in 2018 from CMU, Ashlee started working at Center of Hope Counseling where she specializes in the treatment of Eating Disorders. Ashlee feels like she has landed in the perfect workplace. Supporting people with eating disorders and their caregivers has always been her dream. Although the COVID-19 pandemic has shifted appointments with her clients from in-person to telehealth, Ashlee is busier than ever. She also likes the opportunity to meet people’s pets occasionally during their telehealth appointments. 

In the summer of 2020, Ashlee married her partner Jake Shearer after scaling down their plans for a wedding with 200+ guests and moved forward with an outdoor (and much smaller) “COVID wedding”. They have two dogs and they’ve started a business together called AJ Design Co. that makes and sells cutting boards and other custom wood furniture and décor. 

These days, whenever Ashlee meets a student at CMU, she encourages them to apply for a job at the library. She considers it a fun place to work and says she learned a lot while she worked here. 

Thanks for taking time to catch up with us Ashlee! 

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  1. We are so lucky to have Ashlee as part of our staff. She is amazing! Thank you Ashlee for all that you are and all that you contribute to Center of Hope Counseling. Go fire up, Chips!!!

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