Congratulations to Student Employees Graduating

We are all in this together as we endure many unknown issues and struggle to transition to what is now our new normal. Our graduating seniors have had to take on additional challenges in response to the global pandemic facing our world today. They worked through remote learning, stay at home orders, increasing worry as the pandemic peaks, protests, confusion, postponement of graduation ceremonies, cancellation of group events, business closures, and unemployment, but in true Chippewa fashion, they have overcome these challenges.  Join us in celebrating this group of graduates who will receive their diplomas ready to embrace what lies ahead.  We are so proud of their accomplishments and hope that they will always call CMU their home away from home.

Alana Cranson, a student employee with Access Services, is graduating this May with major in accounting and minor in information systems. She plans to look for a full-time position while actively studying for the CPA exam.

Anishka Gupta is graduating with a master’s degree in health services administration. In the Clarke Historical Library, she worked as a student assistant in the imaging department. She is planning for a hospital career.

Aaron Hugenot, a student with the Library Systems Team, is graduating this May with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and a major in logistics management. After graduation, Aaron plans to relocate to Raleigh, North Carolina, to join IBM as a full-time procurement professional.

Trisha Lenon, a student employee with Access Services since October 2017, will graduate with a major in recreational therapy and a minor in psychology. She plans to work with children and adolescents in a psychiatric or camp setting.

Leah Pratt has been a student employee with Acquisitions and Meta Data Services since 2017. In addition to receiving mail, checking in serials and journals, pulling and logging loose print journals from the Mary Dow Reading Room, and logging them into the Wallaceburg Bindery website to get them ready to be shipped out to be bound, she has also been instrumental in keeping the reading room stocked with journal issues. Leah will graduate with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. She has been offered a position as a Merchandising Business Analyst for Meijer in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Evan Rinaldi, a student employee with Documents on Demand, is majoring in Recreation, Parks, and Leisure Services Administration. She hopes to find a professional position in either corporate or community events after completing her required 30-week internship through the RPL department. Her passions in the industry have always been music and sports; however, for her first job in the professional world, she is looking to work for a well-rounded organization that is passionate about bringing immersive recreation to its community.

Majenta Robinson, a student employee in the Clarke Historical Library, is graduating with a bachelor’s degree in English. She plans on finding a writer/editor internship this fall and is considering paralegal, guidance counselor, or library science programs as options for possibly continuing her education.

Sophia Rose has been a student employee in the Library Research and Instruction Services department since December 2017. She is graduating in May with a Bachelor of Science with majors in neuroscience and biomedical, cellular & molecular biology. During her time at CMU, she has been a lab aid for general and organic chemistry classes and traveled to Honduras for a service trip with Global Brigades. She also currently works as an EMT for MidMichigan Health. In the fall, she will start a master’s program at Syracuse University for Biomedical Forensic Science. She hopes to be a doctor someday.

David Sirbescu-Stanley has been a student employee with Access Services for over two years. David has demonstrated great dedication often working during breaks and summer. He was a great asset in contributing to the creation of a department procedure manual. David will graduate in May with a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

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