Celebrating CMU Libraries’ Employee Creative and Scholarly Accomplishments 2018-2019

We commend the following library faculty and staff for their accomplishments and for sharing their knowledge and expertise with our professional colleagues and CMU community.


Best in Show, PR Xchange Awards Competition, Special Events and Exhibits category for the exhibit catalog, Aristocracy on the Saginaw Trail: Alexis de Tocqueville in Michigan, produced to accompany the fall 2018 exhibit. Library Leadership & Management Association – A Division of the American Library Association. (June 2019). Exhibit catalog author – John Fierst. Graphic designer – Kari Chrenka.

This award is Kari Chrenka’s seventh PR XChange award since 2015.

Creative Works

Zambare, Aparna. “Shakuntala (Served as their dramaturg),” Dramatic Arts Department, CMU Campus. (September 2018). 7. Dramaturg for Shakuntala: Researched and wrote a note as dramaturg for an on-campus production of Shakuntala, an ancient Indian play, for inclusion in the program.  Also wrote several shorter notes on various elements of cultural and dramaturgical aspects of the play to help Satyabrata Rout, Director and a visiting Fulbright Scholar, Annette Thornton (TID), Associate Director, and student actors, September 2018.

Degrees and Certificates

Hytham Dali completed a Creative Commons Certificate in September 2018.

Julie La Dell-Thomas received her Doctorate in Educational Technology from CMU in December 2018.

Sandra Standish received her Graduate Certificate in College Teaching from CMU in December 2018 and her Level 1 Consumer Health Information Specialization Certificate from the Medical Library Association in May 2019.

Exhibit Curation

Fierst, J. (2018). Clarke Historical Library fall exhibit: Tocqueville’s Two Weeks in the Wilderness. Project included assisting the exhibit designers, writing the essay Aristocracy on the Saginaw Trail: Alexis de Tocqueville in Michigan for the exhibit catalog, securing a grant of $5,000 to publish the exhibit catalog, giving the opening presentation, and preparing the content for the six panels of a traveling exhibit based on the original exhibit.

Federspiel, M, Boles, F., Danek, J. (2019). Clarke Historical Library spring exhibit: The Hemingway Collection at the Clarke. This exhibition highlighted the key materials that were meticulously chosen to interpret the unique story of Hemingway’s relationship with Michigan and how his experiences shaped the man and influenced his writings. The ‘gems’ of the collection, which are at the heart of Hemingway’s Michigan story were featured.


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Fierst, J. “Lewis Cass Post-War Governor of Michigan Territory”, 200th Anniversary of the Founding of Monroe County, Monroe County Community College. (July 22, 2018).

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Whitledge, B. “The Hunter Becomes the Hunted: An Archivist Engages in In-Depth Digital Records Research,” Mid-Michigan Digital Practitioners Meeting, Saginaw Valley State University, May 15, 2019

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Zambare, Aparna V. Guest Lectures (2), “Global Modernisms: Mulk Raj Anand and R. K. Narayan,” ENG 665D Graduate Seminar in World Literatures, Internal to Central Michigan University, Academic. (November 2018).

Zambare, Aparna V. Guest Lecture, “Building Omeka Exhibits,” ENG 337B: Frankenstein at 200, Internal to Central Michigan University, 24 participants, Academic. (October 2018).

Zambare, Aparna V. Guest Lecture, “Basics of Omeka: An Open Access Tool to Build Digital Exhibits,” ENG 337B: Frankenstein at 200, Internal to Central Michigan University, 24 participants, Academic. (September 2018).

Zambare, Aparna V. Guest Lecture, “The Lost Son: Theodore Roethke’s Central Michigan Roots,” External to Central Michigan University, Friends of Theodore Roethke, Professional. (August 7, 2019).

Zambare, Aparna V. Invited talk, “The Gandhian Principle of Satyagraha,” The Raising of Peace Flag Event, CMU, Internal to Central Michigan University, 70 participants, Academic. (April 18, 2019).

Zambare, Aparna V. Guest Lecture, “Alterities: Post-colonial theories: Abu-Lughod: Gendered Writing against Culture; Said: Orientalism and Spivak: Can the Subalthern Speak?” ANT 451: History of Anthropological Thought. Internal to Central Michigan University, 20 participants, Academic. (April 1, 2019).

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