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Thanks for visiting our Zotero Resources page!  I recently conducted an hour-long webinar that detailed how I use Zotero to store and manage references.  Videos of that session can be viewed below and are split by topic.  We have also placed further Zotero resources below.  If you find a resource you particularly like on the web, and would like me to add, email me at hain1a@cmich.edu or @adamhain on Twitter!

Please feel free to leave comments on how to improve this resources and we will be sure to integrate them!


Below are the collected videos from our August 17, 2019 Webinar:

Webinar Videos:


Why I use Zotero:



How and What to Install on your Computer and Browser:



Introduction to the Zotero Interface:



Working with Citations in Zotero:



Organization Tips in Zotero:



Using Groups and Notes in Zotero:


In addition to the videos resulting from our DET webinar, we have collected a number of resources below.

Resources Directly From Zotero:

Download and Install Zotero

Install Browser Connector Add-ons

Zotero Documentation

Why Zotero?

Using the Word Plugin

Google Docs Integration

Using the Zotero Browser Connector

Other Resources from Users of Zotero

While our recorded webinar clips on this page offer an introduction to using Zotero, many other users offer in-depth summaries online. We have gathered a few below that we believe are particularly useful:


First, our own library at CMU offers a guide:


UC Berkley offers a guide from it’s library as well:


This is an overview that offers another take on Zotero basics:

For a comprehensive in-depth look, this series of 12 videos is very well done:

APA Style

Citation is all about following the conventions of an accepted style. Various journals and fields use different formats, and Zotero can support many. However, APA is the style most used in the social sciences and the one you likely be using. The links below offer a bit of guidance, but the APA style guide is your go to resource.

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